CFN Kangra Organic Tea in the Western Himalyas

Discover the premium taste of tea with our exclusive CFN Kangra Organic Tea

Kangra Valley is the only area where tea is grown in Himachal, its unique environment protected by majestic Dhauladhars is supposed to be the reason behind excellent natural qualities of this unique brand.Indeed, it was mainly the benevolent agro-ecology that made Kangra Organic tea the second most sought after brand, after Darjeeling tea in Europe. Kangra Organic tea has a specific flavour.

This Homestay`s history is embedded in the Chandpur Tea Estate established in the year 1887 with it own history and stories to tell, run by the family who have inherited the culture and hospitality.

Kangra Tea is registered under the Geographical Indication Act 1999. The Registration of the product under GI Act will prevent the unauthorized production as well using the name of the product originating from a place different than the place of origin; no tea can be called Kangra tea or Kangra like tea if produced outside the defined Kangra Tea region of Himachal Pradesh.

As the sun rises over Palampur, the dew drops that have settled over the night on the dark leaves of the tea bushes act as scores of little prisms that lispers the first light - and announce to the world that they nurture yet another fine crop of Kangra tea.

Walk up, pick the tea leaves, handroll the witherd leaf and sun dreid it, experence the age old system of hand made teas, rolled on bamboo slats in the Western Himalyas.

Pluck Two & a bud from the garden

Hand rolled on Bamboo Slats

Sun dried